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Protect Your Roof from Hail Damage This Fall 

Hail Can Do Serious Damage

In addition to spring and summer, fall is a season in which hail is most prevalent. Large, or even small, hail pellets can badly damage the shingles on your roof, leaving big craters. That is why it is essential to know how to protect your roof from hail damage. Follow the helpful tips below to help protect your roof this fall. 

Maintain Your Roof

In the event of a bad hailstorm, any existing damage will increase your risk of severe structural damage. That is why at the first sign of any roof damage, you should get it checked and repaired as soon as you can. A small bit of damage can result in extreme moisture seepage and damage throughout your entire roof. If your entire roof is secure and undamaged, this could potentially ward off any hail damage from a big storm. 

Invest in a High-Performance, Impact Resistant Roof

Higher grade shingles can be extremely durable to impact and winds. This could be a worthy investment, especially if you live in an area that receives many big storms. Simply give us a quick call here at Anthony John Construction and we’ll guide you through the options. We’ll also be able to evaluate your existing roof and help you make the best decision for the future health of your roof. 

Trim Nearby Branches

In the event of a hailstorm, big chunks of hail could easily knock off a branch that could go straight through your roof with the help of a strong gust of wind. That is why you should always keep an eye out for overhanging limbs, especially those that are thick. Trim back any limbs that are over your roof and could potentially fall through. If you have a rotting tree near your home, get this removed as soon as possible. 

Check Your Attic

Water damage isn’t always visible from the outside. Climb up into your attack and see if it is humid or if there are other signs such as mold, mildew, or water stains. 

Know your Insurance Policy

Sometimes, hail damage is uncontrollable. When it does occur, it is best to be prepared with all the knowledge you need beforehand to handle the situation swiftly. Read through your entire insurance policy. If you notice you’re not covered for hail damage and you’re in an area that receives many hailstorms, it may be wise to invest in a better policy. Keep a copy in a safe place that you’ll remember when the moment arises. 

Roofing Services in Lexington, SC

Before hail damage occurs, contact us here at Anthony John Construction and we can ensure that your roof will be more than ready when a storm arrives. Contact us today for a consultation. We’ll help at all stages of preparing your roof for a storm and taking care of it after an unexpected event. We tackle storm preparedness, repairs after a storm, roof replacements, restoration, and your commercial roofing needs.